Dear Hyundai, Please Show Up

Dear Hyundai,

On May 16th, while driving home from the beach with my three kids, we heard a knocking noise coming from our 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe engine. We made it home in one piece and I brought it straight to my local mechanic the next day. The diagnosis? Oh…


The heart turns inside out

The soul recoils

Crinkling like cracked crusty paper

Let go or tighten the cuffs?

Voices of many drown the one.

A sliver of light makes itself known to the patrons.

They are no match to the emboldened truth.

Uniforms and costumes are thrown into the closet.

No one knows if they will be needed again.

But the one knows. It always knows.

The passage unencumbered, a whole person walks the path of the mighty.

There is nothing to grieve when Gods dance between whispers in the minds of men.

Yes, You Do and It’s a Powerful Tool.

Photo by luizclas from Pexels
If you would prefer to listen to this post…

Would you rather feel LOVE or HATE?

Asked this way, the question seems farcical.

It’s not a challenging postulate. And yet how many times do we ask it of ourselves?

Why don’t we?

Why don’t we take a step back throughout…

To Access the Power of the Present Moment and Truly Be Free

This is where all the magic happens.

This is what we do. Without thinking — in a state of autopilot — we leave unresolved pain lingering in the past and hopes of joy always just out of reach in our future.

Meditation brought this to my attention in a very real way.

Recently some changes in my life created a wobble in my ability to choose my thoughts…

How it’s Played and How to Exit the Matrix

I’m not sure if you are aware of the Victim Game.

It’s actually kind of a show or drama, which holds so many of us hostage in its web of lies, entranced and enchanted by the apparently endless, illusive quest to achieve joy or whatever state of being we’re after.

The Battle Between the Dark and the Light

Photo by David Cassolato from Pexels
If you would rather listen.

I won’t ever let the darkness determine who I am. — the Flash

This quote struck me as I was watching The Flash the other day with my daughter, who absolutely loves the idea of meta-humans for good, super powers, and light triumphing over darkness.

Jennifer Heflin

Emotional Mastery, Truth, Freedom & Empowerment, Energy Work, We are superheroes masquerading as humans, @, Love is the Answer

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